27 June 2015

Ghetto 3D printer heated bed

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Recently both of our primary 3D printers went down for maintenance and servicing, which was inconvenient since we needed to prototype some work and deadlines were tight. So we pulled out an old veteran back to operation. Although our backup printer has only a small build volume, no worries as we could cut and dice the model and print each part separately. However, the problem was that parts were coming out warped because the printer doesn’t have a heated bed and filament extrusion was being dragged over certain layers. Ok, so we thought, let’s mod this guy with a quick…
16 June 2015

Lights for your plants

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Plants are an essential part of our lives, from the provision of food to aesthetics. Just think about how much is spent on Valentine ’s Day - Americans spend US$1.9 billion on just flowers! One of our team members bought the Click And Grow system with great expectations. Unfortunately, the results were less than stellar. A quick search showed that many variants of such domestic self-contained “plant growth systems” exist - each with their own strengths. We know that light is essential for plant growth. Sunlight is free and a natural source of light available, however it is not always…
25 May 2015

What's next for Arduino?

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Arduino recently announced a new addition to their product line-up, the Arduino Zero. This is exciting news for many and we have written this article to appreciate the journey with the Arduino platform so far. What’s next for Arduino? The Arduino family of microcontrollers has been a real boon for hobbyists and developers wanting to quickly prototype a project. The inexpensive and easy-to-use platform has arguably sparked a new generation of hackers/makers comprising of hobbyists, students and professionals to quickly make sensors, robots and many quirky and creative projects. The power of Arduino comes from the rich community of makers…